Why FreeMate

FreeMate EXPLAINED in two and half minutes. https://biteable.com/watch/freemate-2387881

Why FreeMate

1. FreeMate are a brunch of positive like minded professionals that like to have fun. Help each other to  acheive Individual and collective strategies with a true synergy of the mind and spirit. Become financially self reliant with Monthly get togethers and Annual Vacations.

2. FreeMate helps businesses and Individuals improve themselves, their business, their finance by providing their FreeMate clients with education, support, coaching, mentoring and a way to turn discounts into INCOME. Use FreeMate Credit to turn once discounted products and services into INCOME. Use FreeMate Credit as a Promotional Strategy to Market your own Products and Services.

Example – Traditional Discount Strategy = Product normally $100 your discount is 15% Product now retails for $85.

FreeMate Credit Strategy = 85% Cash/15% FreeMate Credit.

Product = $85 Cash/ 15 FreeMate Credit = $100 (According to the ATO)

According to Australian Tax Office (ATO) Business transactions involving bartering or trade exchanges are subject to the same income tax and GST treatment as normal cash or credit transactions. https://www.ato.gov.au/Business/GST/In-detail/Rules-for-specific-transactions/Barter-and-trade-exchanges/

3. As the name suggests are YOU looking for FREEBIES with that one day a year “Your Birthday” you will take FREEBIES to a whole new level. (By showing Drivers Licence/ Pass Port identifing Birthday into our FreeMate you will receive FREE Products and Service for the Day.)

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