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1. Get into your own home quicker with FreeMate

With FreeMate you can receive excess to interest FreeMate Trade dollars

With a simple 10% deposit AUD FreeMate will do the rest for you.

In order to purchase a home of $400,000, in the current environment you could access a 95% loan of $380,000, meaning you’ll need to provide a cash deposit of $20,000. However, you can add the cost of LMI of to the loan amount (up to $8,000), which brings the total loan up to $388,000 or 97%

Your cash deposit = $8,000

*According to ANZ my estimate my home loan repayment for a $400,000 home you would be pay $2,046 per month back over 30 years

2. Using FreeMate to Save Money on your Home Loan

By using the original $8,000 as your 10% deposit towards your free FreeMate credit interest free loan you will receive $80,000 in  trade dollars. With your $80,000 trade arrange to purchase a home via FreeMate Properties and use your $80,000 Trade as your desposit.

Your $400,000 loan will now be $320,000 ($400,000 – T$80,000)

*According to ANZ my estimate my home loan repayment a $320,000 home would be $1,637 per month over 30 years

3. Save with FreeMate $409 per month/ $4,908 per year/ $147,240 over the life of the loan

(Per month breakdown $2,046 current strategy  – $1,637 FreeMate Strategy.)

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No Brainer FreeMate Properties is the way to go