FreeMate Explained (Nick's Experience)

Nick has been given 250 pieces of Jewellery from his Aunty for FREE.

The Jewellery would be considered obsolete and a older variety.

Nick has done some research and can see that similar pieces are selling on ebay for $100 each

After talking to James  - Nick's Area Ambassador for FreeMate a strategy has been developed

Strategy Explained

Nick is really a START UP that has 250 Jewellery in stock. Nick's Strategy is to Purchase the START UP Year Plan (two month free) for $680 which will give Nick  FM$680 in Freemate Dollars (Nick's Expenses -$680 + Nick's Income FM$680 = $0)

Nick is looking to sell his 250 Pieces of Jewellery as quick as possible at 80% Cash ($80)/ 20% FreeMate Dollars FM$20 with the (Full Payment Reward Strategy) of 20% FM$20.

The Results

  1. Nick sales all 250 Jewellery online (no over heads)
  2. Nick spends an hour taking photo's of the jewellery and writing up some posts and places the ads on the FreeMate Online Marketing Portal
  3. Nick sales 150 pieces at $80 (80% Cash/ 20% FM$) and 100 pieces at $100 (Full Price)

Total Income Explained

  1. CASH Sales = 150 pieces x $80 + 100 pieces x $100 = $22,000
  2. FM$ Sales = 150 x FM$20 - 100 x FM$20 = FM$1,000 (Full Price Strategy)
  3. FM$1000  +  Original FM$680 = FM$1,680

Overall Total 

  1. $22,000 in Nick's Cash Account
  2. FM$1,680 in Nick's FreeMate Account

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