FreeMate Referral Program

Each Referral that turns into a sale you will receive

  1. 15% of their monthly membership paid monthly for  the First Three Months of their Clientele.

  2. 100% of their first time monthly payment in FreeMate Dollars.

Nick's Example

Nick loves FreeMate and is showing everyone on his mobile his Jewelly products that he has posted on the FreeMate Marketing Portal (24/7 Advistising)  Nick's Mechanic,  cousin that owns a local cafe and friend that's makes money on the side doing nails have expressed Interest in learning more about FreeMate especially the FREE Gifts members can get on their Birthday.

Nick refers his mechanic, causin and girlfriend to James his Area Ambassador

James meets and helps each of Nick's referrals to Join FreeMate

Nick's Results

  1. Nick's Mechanic is the area New FreeMate Mechanic and is on the $980 year Plan.
  2. Nick's Causin is now filling tables on his normal quiet Monday evening and has purchased the $98 a month plan
  3. Nick's friend has just started getting clients and James the Ambassador has suggested $68 per month Start Up Plan

Nick's Rewards 

  1. Nick's Machanic - Nick will receive $147 (15% of $980) Plus FM$98
  2. Nick's Cousin - Nick will receive $14.70 x 3  = $44.10 Plus FM$98
  3. Nick's Friend - Nick will receive $10.20 x 3 = $30.60 Plus FM$68

Nick's Total Income

  1. Nick's Bank Account = $221.70
  2. Nick's FreeMate Account = FM$264

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